Renewed the Photo Gallery

I’ve updated my Photo Gallery linking to my 500PX account, now are present more picture of the places where I went and other picture that I took.
There the link to my 500PX account:

There a small gallery of the last 3 picture I uploaded in order to see other picture go there


New Video on youtube

I’ve published two new video on Youtube!

In the first video I play with the Piano one of my own music score, I wrote this instrumental part times ago to be used as background music for theatre or poetry reading, maybe it can be considered a new age style music, is simple cause I’m not a truly pianist I’ve used just instinct to play that, I hope people could appreciate.

By the way it happened a funny thing while I was recording the video, the camera fell down but I recorded the sound with my PC so in order to publish I’ve added some fixed image, with visionary and maybe crazy message! Enjoy!

successa una cosa divertente mentre registravo, mi è caduto l’ipod che stavo usando per registrare, da metà video in poi si sente il suono, ma non si vedono più le mie mani, per ovviare al problema ho inserito al posto delle immagini reali alcune scritte ‘ad effetto’ davvero folli. Spero vi piaccia

I’ve early bought a Banjo, I never played it, following my first attempt!


Added books section

Surfing the net I’ve found a very interesting website: that lets you publish your book by yourself (this service is called “printing on demand”), this is very simple, sign in to, send pdf/doc of your book, decide page size and cover (the possibilty to print with hard cover it’s very nice), after that you can ask for printing, but not only, you can also publish the book and will sell it, and if you ask for ISBN code you could also publish in other websites or real library can ask for your book! This service is also ecologic, cause the book will be printed only when someone order your book (no warehouse of copies are needed).

I’ve tried to use that and I’ve published a book (in Italian, but I’ll try to translate) with some of my
thoughts that I used to write in a notepad, so I’ve opened a new section on this website called books where you’ll find my books, I’ve some work in progress for a novel! If you wish you could also buy a copy of my first book (even if you could also wait for the English version), on books section you will find the link or click on the preview below.


Poem about RS232


The madness is on me, and here is a poem about Rs232 (serial port) done along the lines of “movesi il vecchierel” (an italian poem), probably not many people will understand because it is technical (and because isn’t easy to me to translate in English something that isn’t clear in Italian!)

TX and RX travel … (June MMX)

The TX signal is walking on the slow BUS
to the address where he provided his CRC
and the RX is dismayed
seeing that the signal is going to death

thence dragging wrong parity
for the extreme slowness of his time to live
the buffer of the port disconnected
tired to wait for, the high impedance has placed

and passing through the diode it is following the circuit,
to seek another way
still hoping to see RTS high

so, lazy, sometimes I’m searching
who, desperate son, has the diode mounted upside down!

Cristian Melone 2010.

If you’ve better translation please see this article in Italian and write a comment with your translation!


Original 1913 Recipe of Caciucco

This recipe is original of the 1913, was dictated from the cook of “4 Mori” restaurant, to the the grandmother of a colleague of mine (her nickname is Zia!) You can download the pdf here

This is the translation (REMARK: the original was written in old language so forgive me for mistakes and if something is missed!):

Fish Cacciucco

Saute onion, celery, parsley, garlic and hot pepper.
When he took the hazel pour about a glass of wine (according to the amount of the soup).
When the wine is dried put tomato sauce, or whole tomatoes, make them taste and then put a bit of water. When it boils put the fishes, first the harder then the others, when it is almost cooked, add water depending on the amount of soup. Meanwhile, toast the bread (and sliced like the bread that in the past was used by our grandparents to put in coffee, better if it’s homemade). When toasted rub with a little of garlic. After put the soup over the bread if is possible don’t make it too wet.


Added new audio – The Tie Jazz in concert!

Times ago I played bass guitar in a Jazz group that was created only just for one night and that then has never played again, someone recorded that night, this is the result:






Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


New video where I (am trying to) play my new Ukulele

I’ve just bought a new Ukelele and I’m learning how to play, I’ve learned two chord and I’ve tried also Tremolo on this little big instrumet


Added Section Creation and Photo gallery

I’ve just added two new section “Creation” and “Gallery

In these sections it will be present some of my works Audio/Video/Text and some picture. I’m not a professional photographer but I like to show the place where I’ve been. In my mind I’ve some small project that I would like to share with all the people. See you soon!


I’m back on-line!

The webSite is back online.

After a lot of time I managed to rebuild my personal web-site, I had little time to stay there behind, perhaps there will some graphics issue and “work in progress” pages but I will try to manage my small space often than before!

Until now the website was only in Italian, but because it’s a .com domain, so international I’ll write in both English and Italian!

Greetings to all


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