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Poem about RS232


The madness is on me, and here is a poem about Rs232 (serial port) done along the lines of “movesi il vecchierel” (an italian poem), probably not many people will understand because it is technical (and because isn’t easy to me to translate in English something that isn’t clear in Italian!)

TX and RX travel … (June MMX)

The TX signal is walking on the slow BUS
to the address where he provided his CRC
and the RX is dismayed
seeing that the signal is going to death

thence dragging wrong parity
for the extreme slowness of his time to live
the buffer of the port disconnected
tired to wait for, the high impedance has placed

and passing through the diode it is following the circuit,
to seek another way
still hoping to see RTS high

so, lazy, sometimes I’m searching
who, desperate son, has the diode mounted upside down!

Cristian Melone 2010.

If you’ve better translation please see this article in Italian and write a comment with your translation!


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