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Italian Workshop “Notes for a Musical”

Appunti per un Musical Workshop 2015

Musical show is not a work that it is simply written, but it’s something that it is rewritten, even a million times if necessary!

This is one of the reasons why I called “Notes for a musical” the show which for so long I’m writing.

There comes a time when you have the belief that you reached the final draft, that everything is crystallized, that everything runs smoothly, without a flaw …

Then you read the script all in one breath, you make two or three notes, at the beginning timidly, then you you stop waiting to review the next day… within a week you found yourself with half the show, including music rewritten in a completely different way!

After several rewrites I come to a point where I need to see the show as a spectator, to be able to write again approaching the best possible outcome before it can go into production.

I’m organizing a musical workshop here in Florence, the show is also fully translated in English, but for now the workshop will be done in Italian with few scenes/songs in English.

I hope one day this show can cross the Italian border!

Meanwhile if you want some information feel free to write me on the contact form.


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