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Surfing the net I’ve found a very interesting website: that lets you publish your book by yourself (this service is called “printing on demand”), this is very simple, sign in to, send pdf/doc of your book, decide page size and cover (the possibilty to print with hard cover it’s very nice), after that you can ask for printing, but not only, you can also publish the book and will sell it, and if you ask for ISBN code you could also publish in other websites or real library can ask for your book! This service is also ecologic, cause the book will be printed only when someone order your book (no warehouse of copies are needed).

I’ve tried to use that and I’ve published a book (in Italian, but I’ll try to translate) with some of my
thoughts that I used to write in a notepad, so I’ve opened a new section on this website called books where you’ll find my books, I’ve some work in progress for a novel! If you wish you could also buy a copy of my first book (even if you could also wait for the English version), on books section you will find the link or click on the preview below.


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